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Boiler Work & Other Fabrications

Although large scale engine renovation takes a long time to complete and therefore month to month there seems little change when the workshop doors are opened, the smaller fabrications enter and leave the works far more frequently. Boilers and Tenders seem to fly in and out by comparison.

Our plate & ring rolling machines turn out boiler barrels, dynamo brackets, smoke boxes, wheels and chimney stacks. The pressbrake helps us to fabricate fireboxes, belly tanks, tenders & ashpans.

But the best days to be in our workshops (with ear defenders on!) are those days we get to do the riveting. The older members of the team started their working lives as apprentices riveting in the dockyard and they're going to end their working lives riveting at Bartlett Engineering!

Seeing someone enjoying doing a job that they have been taught to do so well by past masters of the trade is like "poetry in motion".

But don't take my word for it hit a button on the left and see what you think.


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