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Current Work in the Workshop

The latest from the workshop!

23rd May 2001

Bit more work on the Hunslet firebox

fb01.JPG (139934 bytes)

and ........

Poor Fred is feeling a bit left out so we better have a look at what he's been doing today.  Fred may say that size doesn't matter but he's still very proud of the size of his latest job!  

machbor01.JPG (154661 bytes)    machbor02.JPG (126388 bytes)  machbor03.JPG (145739 bytes)

Not part of an Engine but still steam related:-   This is a main steam pipe for the boilers on the Baglan Bay Power Station that is being built in Port Talbot, S. Wales.  The pipe is 4.5 mtrs long, 14" N.B. and 20mm thick.  We have been asked to reduce the bore at each end & weld prep for on site fabrication.

And as he thinks the last photo of him didn't show his best side here's another to keep him happy!

fred.JPG (118927 bytes)

You may want to enlarge it to have a better look - and then again you may not!


17th May 2001 

You may notice a new boy on the block so we'd better introduce:-

mark2.jpg (26429 bytes) 

Mark (Ronnie) who joined us at the beginning of March.  

He soon made himself at home and spent today playing in the boilershop with Mike:-

fl01.jpg (58419 bytes)  fl02.jpg (67132 bytes)  fl03.jpg (160339 bytes)  fl04.jpg (149519 bytes)

Also known as " Flange & Rivet"  the deadly duo spent the morning flanging or for a less technical description:- 

 Mike heated it, Ronnie hit it, Mike heated it, ...............  Until it was done.


Xmas as usual was busy - lots of visitors and a bit of fun!  

Hq24.jpg (56431 bytes)      Hq25.jpg (58479 bytes)

Bye Bye to another job!  Back home for the New Year - Look forward to seeing this Engine rebuilt as it's going to be a little beauty.





Hq30.jpg (49263 bytes)     Hq28.jpg (40997 bytes)

Not the best item in the world to get damaged!  But send us in a new casting, we'll have it skillfully machined by our Fred and everything's soon sorted (except perhaps a proper stool for Fred!) 



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