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Bartlett Engineering Co.

(Who we are, Where we are, Why we do what we do)

Welcome to the Steamy world of Bartlett Engineering.

For all those who have never heard of us before let us introduce ourselves:- We are a family run fabrication company specializing in ring rolling/section bending, plate rolling, profile cutting etc. 

A relatively small part of our business but a very large part of our lives is spent working on all sorts of steam related projects.

The main part of our business has meant we have had to invest heavily in specialized machinery, section benders, profiles, large lathes etc. etc.  Fortunately most of these machines come in very handy for the restoration and builder of steam engines & boilers!

Our recent expansion of our premises ensured specially built workshops (with Engines firmly in mind!) and housed in our workshops you will find an ever changing collection of Traction engines, rollers, boilers for traction engines & locomotives & steam boats, wheels, chimney tops, castings, tenders, etc.

In short a long time ago there was a little boy playing with his first Stuart engine & boiler, securing a corner in his dads workshop, finding his way around a lathe, dreaming of much bigger things.  Now he's a big boy, building bigger toys, taken over his dad's workshop, master of all the machinery, but still dreaming of much bigger things!

So if you'ld like to contact us this is all the info:-

Richard & K Scourfield
Bartlett Engineering Co.
Birds Lane
SA70 8SH

Tel:-  +44 (0) 1646 651387
Fax:-  +44 (0) 1646 651385

e-mail Steam@Bartlettengine.fsnet.co.uk 




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