6" Models

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6" Crane





6" Models

We are suppliers of castings for:-

Burrell 6" Single Cylinder Traction Engine


Burrell 6" Double Crank Compound 8HP:-

Scenic Showmans
Showmans Road Loco
Contractors Type Road Loco

We also supply a range of fabrications & accessories for the above

And of course we also build them to order.


The double crank compound engines when built are the "Rolls Royce" of the present large scale model range. Weighing in at 2.5 tons these three speed engines have a top speed of approx. 18 Mph. You will be looking at spending around 3,500 working hours constructing one of these engines - depending on the equipment you own and how much of the work you undertake yourself. A lot of time - but an awful lot of engine.
This is most definately a "big boy's toy"!

If you want to know any more details just e-mail us and come and see the real thing!

"Dedicated Engine Builders supplying Dedicated Engine Builders"


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